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Executive Director Profile

With an MBA from the University of Southern New Hampshire and two Bachelors of Science degrees, Frank Ramirez began his career in the United States in the Human Resources field after leaving Nicaragua. In addition to  a degree in Agronomy Frank obtained an advanced certificate in Administration of Development project from the Central American Institute of Business Administration (INCAE) sponsored by the Inter-American Bank of Development, and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE.). He has been on the Board of Directors of several non-profit institutions in Massachusetts, Florida, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma. Currently he is in the Board of Directors of The  East Boston Neighborhood Health Center.

Frank has a well-rounded experience in public policy and advocacy at the national, state, and local level. Very early in his professional career in his native country, Nicaragua, he experienced the challenges of enforcing national policy and participating in high stake decisions in Agrarian Reform. Working for the Nicaraguan Government at the Agrarian Institute (IAN) he embarked on a comprehensive agrarian reform program to achieve better distribution of cultivable lands and to increase allocation of public resources to agricultural development. In the US he has been a member of the Oklahoma Primary Care Association, Branford County Community Network in New Hampshire, and the South West Primary Care Association that covers Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.

Frank Ramirez career history includes government, health care, and human services. He has been affiliated with important institutions such as the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Social Services, Wang Laboratories, and HDC Diagnostics, an institution providing radiology, forensic medicine and clinical laboratory services in south Florida. In primary care, Frank was the Associate Director and COO for the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center, a federally funded FQHC in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where he played a significant role in the implementation of the Family Residency Program to train Medical Doctors in family and community medicine. In Tulsa, at the Morton Comprehensive Health Services, he successfully turned around a nonprofit that was in distress eliminating a $700,000 deficit. At the Literacy Center in Attleboro, he introduced Early Literacy and Civic Education as vital elements of adult and child education.

Frank has been the Executive Director for the East Boston Ecumenical Community Council (EBECC) since August 2007. He directs EBECC’s operations to achieve its mission to advanced opportunities and advocacy on behalf of Hispanics and other immigrants of East Boston with a commitment to reduce racial and ethnic disparities, develop self-sufficiency and self determination. Administer specific programs aimed to develop economic, social and political capacity through youth services, immigration program, adult education, advocacy, civic engagement, and community organizing.

Frank is bicultural and bilingual in English and Spanish, and culturally competent to interact across several ethnic groups such as African American, Hispanics, Native American, and Asian.

When asked about leadership and what he brings to the table:
"The East Boston Ecumenical Community Council’s mission to advance opportunities and advocacy on behalf of Hispanic and other immigrants, as well as responding to the needs of underserved and minorities of the East Boston Community is easy to embrace as it coincides with my professional commitment to the development of self-sufficiency and self determination of new community members. I believe strongly in transforming consumer of services into taxpayers. I think the US is a great country, but still an experiment in equality of rights and there is a lot of work to be done for equality and economic opportunity for all."

When asked about his work style
“I am somebody who likes to provide results in everything I do. I am very customer-oriented, and have a strong sense of fairness and equity. I have business sense, as well. It is so necessary in today’s competitive world to have business sense coupled with strong empathy for the staff. I empower people by being a good mentor and a good coach. I think people want to do a good job and I hold them accountable for the responsibilities that have been given to them.”









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